Hannah Blythe Morrison

queer trans woman playing with old cameras and lenses

I have succumbed to the world of digital photography once more and bought a second hand Nikon D750 camera on eBay. I have been pondering whether to get a digital camera for some time after feeling a bit disheartened by my attempts to get colour negative film photography off the ground. I never seemed to have the time. And that meant my black and white film photography stalled. Time, time, time.

So digital sort of made sense. I also took a long time going back and forth in my head about what kind of digital camera to get. On the one hand, an older DSLR would allow me to use the lenses I already have but, on the other hand, one of the new fixed lens models would be really portable and accessible. I decided that the whole street photography, film simulation, capture the moment thing was not really me and opted for the D750 instead.

For me, the Nikon D750 is at the crossroads between the older professional DSLRs like the D4 and the newer semi-pro, megapixel-rich DSLRs like the D810. It takes the best bits of both: it is smaller and lighter; it has a single piece metal frame; it is weather sealed; it has the new processor and the fancy autofocus. The only thing that upsets me about the D750 is the lack of an AF-ON button. But I can repurpose the AE/AF Lock button for that and use the front Fn button for AE Lock.

So my plan is to stock up on some Ilford FP4+ and HP5+ film for my 35mm cameras and have fun with digital for colour photography this year.

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